Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Return to Beautiful June

From Branson I made my way to further shoots throughout northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. I became quite at home in the Ozarks, though you did find lake areas such as Table Rock that were popular with both fisherman and racing boats. Even in many of these areas the surrounding lush greenery enveloped clear waters. With the beautiful sun shining and active puffy clouds, it made my job most agreeable!

I met many different characters, such as a Italian-American from California that had brought her family's tradition of making and selling wine to the Ozarks. I also met a woman who not only got 4th place in the KC Royal BBQ contest for her ham, but was also struck by lightening with her entire family!

The best meal that I had was in the town of Flippin, Arkansas. It was the best Flippin meal I had. It was a Flippin potroast with a wonderful Flippin chocolate shake, right adjacent to the Flippin Pharmacy. OK, enough. But I really didn't think of the fun name until I was in the town and glanced over at a police car which noted, at the rear of the car, 'Flippin Police.'

I was able to spend some time on the rivers, taken out on the boats to get some nice shots. Turkey vultures (buzzards) were a common sight as were heron and many happy songbirds.

My return was made on up through Kansas City. It afforded me even more twisty, windy roads that remained nestled in the trees. The sky became stormy quite often and I got to witness some heavy thunderstorms in the evenings.

In KC I just had to make a stop at the infamous 'Gates BBQ.' My friend had been nice enough to, on more than one occasion, bring back some tasty sauces and rubs. So, I got me the big ol' platter and just had to clean that tray! The ham and their sweet sauce was oh so very good!

Then to the airport, for a 2 hour wait in the American Airlines cue to find out both of my flights had been canceled. But it worked out for the best, as, not only did I get home earlier, I got to fly on Midwest. They give you two wonderfully gooey chocolcate chip cookies on every flight! And although I made it to Milwaukee and was waiting for the plane to empty at 3:57pm when my flight home left at 4:05pm, I made it!!!

Back to the garden, the painted turtle that somehow found my pond and days of glorious late spring growth!


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