Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Debut Release of IO

The release of our album: IO.....BETA
WHEN?Monday evening 11pm - Still Stream Radio

My friend Tim and I have a little debut album being released this Monday! You might remember me mentioning our music project called IO? Well, we've been picked up by a newly-formed label named Node Records who will be distributing our music on not only their site but on iTunes as well.

Our project is entitled IO, and the music on this release is considered to fall under the music genre "ambient" or "atmospheric." Some may know it as space music. It may not appeal to everyone but it is very suitable for stargazing, meditating, imagining or sleeping. ;) It can also be used as soundtrack and backing music and it has been used as such in the past. The response was much bigger than we had anticipated, but we'll see where it goes!

To explore it for yourself, check out our web site. In the midst of many other things I've been teaching myself a little web development. Just like our music, this too is a work in progress, so your patience is appreciated! You can listen to our music for free just by going to our HTML site.


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