Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mississippi River Challenge

Well gang, it is that time again! Time to raise pledges for one my most beloved events, the Friends of the Mississippi River, River Challenge. It takes place on July 25 and 26th this year.

I encourage anyone who is interested to participate themselves, even if you have to come from a great distance to do it! It's possible for people of all ability levels to complete this fabulous event. You can rent a canoe or kayak if you don't have one. Whether you choose to go solo or bring along a few friends, you'll find an equal amount of enjoyment.

I'll be volunteering as a safety captain again this year. We're the ones you see with that pole flag, like the ones you used to find on fire hydrants, sticking up out of our boats. Makes us easy to spot and wave to from shore.

If you are not participating, all donations are greatly appreciated, but don't feel obliged! Your respect and stewardship of this great river is what's most important.

For donations, they can be made by clicking here:



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