Sunday, September 6, 2009

I.O. on iTunes!

I have neglected to notify (those of you who've asked) when our music (I.O.) was available on iTunes. Well, it currently is! If you are interested, search for: I.O. - Beta. Or, you can click HERE.

For those who don't know, our music project I.O., has released a CD of ambient music. Essentially, ambient is a droney, atmospheric and, at times, melodic, music. More or less, it's good music to relax, meditate, or just have on in the background. Pieces range from the more lifting, relaxing, to the deeper chords of space. Pretty minimalistic stuff but its a nice break from having to hit arpeggios precisely! ;)

Node Records gave us a flattering review: IO.

Thanks for the interest and check us on on iTunes but know, you can listen to most of the tunes for free on our web page.



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